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Sadaqat Ali
Native nameڈاکٹر صداقت علی
Born4 August 1952
OccupationAddiction Treatment Specialist
TitleProject Director, Willing Ways

Sadaqat Ali, (born 4 August 1952) is a Pakistani addiction psychiatrist, motivational speaker, author, and a TV celebrity. Ali got fame in the field of addiction counseling.

Early life and education

Sadaqat Ali was born in Lahore, the son of Mian Muhammad Ali and Asghari Begum. He grew up with his elder and two younger brothers in Lahore where his father was an agriculturist. He did his pre medical from Government College Lahore and then attended Dow Medical College, in Karachi.


After graduating from Dow Medical College, he got his first house job. It was that time he started to develop in interest in treatment of drug addicts. Ali visited the United States under the auspices of "International Visitor Program" of the United States Information Agency. During that program the Hazelden Foundation offered him professional training program which he accepted and received his formal training form Hazelden, Minnesota. After this he got his counseling training in primary and chronic illness from Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Ali also received corporate counseling training from VitalSmarts Utah.


Ali is heading so many projects in the field of Addiction treatment, Diabetes and corporate counseling. Willingways Pvt (Ltd) in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are the addiction treatment centers in Pakistan. The Diabetes Institute of Pakistan in Lahore is diabetes facility.


In 1999 Ali’s name was inducted in WHO is WHO international directory of professionals. He is author of many books & pamphlets on the subjects of Addiction, Diabetes & Management.

Media Appearances

He frequently appears on national television as well as other prominent media channels for exclusive interviews & panel discussions.[1][2]


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