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In the Australian government, a SmartForm is an electronic form with capabilities beyond a traditional paper form, such as electronic completion, dynamic sections, database calls and electronic submission. The Australian government established a specialist unit called the SmartForms Developer Center[1] to encourage and assist Government Agencies to transform their current paper forms to SmartForms. The aim of this is to improve both their own internal processing as well the service they are providing to their constituents.[2]

In 2008, the use of SmartForms was named a best practice initiative by the Australian Government Information Management Office in the Review of the Australian Government's Use of ICT.[3]

  • Lower cost of processing submitted forms
  • Fewer data entry errors
  • Lower postage and mail handling costs
  • Enables the use of digital signatures for non-repudiation
  • SmartForms can be saved offline
  • Files can be attached to the form
  • Submitted forms can be easily integrated with back office systems using XML data

Use in government

The Federal Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science coordinates SmartForms initiatives across Australian government agencies.[4][5][6] Departments currently using SmartForms include NSW Local Government Agencies,[7][8] Victorian State Government,[9] NT State Government[10] and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.[11]

The Australian Department of Finance and Deregulation is promoting a Whole of Government SmartForms solution under a $42M Australian Government Online Service Point[12] program. This SmartForm solution is based on Avoka Transact.


There are a number technologies that can deliver SmartForm benefits with varying levels of capability. These include:

Avoka Transact

Avoka Transact replace paper and PDF submissions with a highly tailored digital process for both agencies and citizens, and includes data capture, signatures, and identity validation. Avoka Transact allows department staff to create mobile responsive applications which adapt to the size of a phone, tablet or PC without creating separate versions for each, and Australian Citizens can complete government transactions from mobile and desktop at home.[citation needed]


FormHero is a paperwork automation platform used to turn internal paper-based processes into online smart forms that automatically find and fill in existing paperwork.

Intelledox Infiniti

Intelledox Infiniti is a business process digitalisation platform that combines the power of intelligent document generation, adaptive interviews (SmartForms), and line-of-business integration. Infiniti leverages existing investments in document management and information assets to deliver Adaptive Engagement and On Demand Communication solutions that help organisations digitally transform manual business processes into intuitive, guided, user experiences based on the customer's personal preferences, device, and location.[citation needed]
XFA Forms
XFA refers to Adobe XFA Forms platform which can be used to render PDF, Adobe Flex or HTML based forms.
Xforms refers to a W3c XML Forms architecture. Solutions implementing XForms include IBM Lotus Forms, Open Data Kit (ODK) and Group Complete (ODK compatible).
InfoPath Forms
InfoPath refers to Microsoft Office InfoPath XML form technology. On 31 January 2014, Microsoft said they are discontinuing InfoPath Forms Services.[13]
FormPublisher Forms
FormPublisher refers to Jway XML form technology. FormPublisher Forms is a Smart Form that dynamically adapts to user responses and the process context.[citation needed]


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